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THe PETEBOX New Album, New Tour


If you find yourself in the loop pedaling, beat boxing section of Youtube – you can be stuck there for weeks. It’s mesmerizing, the music a single person can now create; the possibilities are endless. The problem though, is that with such a saturated industry of similar skill sets, it can be a little difficult sometimes for an artist to stand out. THe PETEBOX has it nailed.

THe PETEBOX is a musician, first and foremost. He writes, he plays guitar, drums – anything you give him, by the look of it. He plays them well. And he sings – his voice is amazing, not just in it’s multiple sound making during the beatbox part of the set, but during his singing. He sings, he’s passionate, he enjoys it, we enjoy it.

He’s playing Manchester’s Night and Day on a Wednesday night in November. If that’s not a midweek session calling out for our attendance, I don’t what is. Turn it up loud.



THe PETEBOX has just surpassed his target on a Pledge campaign, which can only mean one thing – the new album is on it’s way. We can’t wait. The Future Loops album was revolutionary; if you haven’t heard that yet, you need to.

Get yourself over to his Website so you don’t miss out. Get lost for a few days in his mass catalogue of impressive live videos. Catch him on Twitter, too.

We’ll see you at a show sometime soon.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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