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Thelma Ball Blue Screen Dreaming


Introducing a nostalgic indie-rock edge of musical weight and conceptual purpose alike – Thelma Ball’s Blue Screen Dreaming feels like an emotional and immersive nod to a simpler time. Consider the bands of the noughties, woven in to the modern scene alongside a boldly poetic search for meaning and connection.

Lovingly named after their own grandmother, the UK’s own Thelma Ball keep things deeply human throughout their musical intentions. Blue Screen Dreaming exemplifies this quality – softly screaming out at the seemingly inescapable weight of routine and comfort.

Gritty by design yet melodically infectious and aptly accessible thanks to that uniquely recognisable, genuine vocal lead, Thelma Ball have crafted a timeless classic with this release. The song’s hook proves familiar yet intriguing all at once – there’s a sense of change to the resolve, an underlying air of possibility; ‘I feel like this could be my time’ calls out, and lingers long after listening.

Great musicianship, somewhat humble and pure – refreshing qualities in an otherwise flashy and often gimmicky contemporary scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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