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TheFallOfRein is an artist with a beautifully satisfying sense of musical progression, lyrical depth, and entrancing rhythms in his music. Having taken a seven-year hiatus since his time with the band SIX VOLT, TheFallOfRein – otherwise known as Granger Whitelaw Jr. – is making an impressive step back into the world of music and creativity.

Black is a stand out single of late, a simple yet stunning piece of music that skillfully balances a delicate, guitar-led, trip-hop-style ambiance, with an intimate and melodically entrancing leading voice. The melody and lyrical story-line captivate and connect on a profound level. The switch from the verse to the hook sees the artistry sky-rocket, the song transcending into much more of an EDM, industrial or experimental soundscape; yet still the vibe is smooth, calm, collected and engaging.

As the central line pours out around you – Baby, I’m bleeding black for you – the words, the instrumentation, and the strengthened delivery thanks to doubled vocals; all of this makes sure to hit with impact, and it lingers with you for quite some time after listening.

TheFallOfRein’s approach to songwriting and performance is decidedly refreshing right now. Not only does his voice offer a subtle yet striking and appealing sense of purity and realness, but his words, the simplicity of his music – in contrast with the complexity of these poetic reflections on love and life – everything about this style just works in the way that music should. It allows you to turn it up loud and completely escape into the moment, feeling as if you understand; or you’re being understood.

Prior to the release of Black, TheFallOfRein released a song called Religion under the artist name Rein – a single which currently draws 2,500 listeners every month. More recently, the songs Noise and Blue Eyes further cement TheFallOfRein’s soulful and creatively free approach to music and art in a continuously impressive and compelling manner. The former hits with weight and passion, feeling a little more closely connected to the melodic emotional rap artists of recent years – an electronic beat but a punk-pop edge with a sense of darkness about it.

Blue Eyes is similarly expressive and notably emotional in nature – a hypnotic and powerful yet angst-driven heart-breaking song. You can hear the passion and grit in the singer’s voice, and indeed in the layers of musicality that gradually surround you. Intimate, honest and reflective lyrics are a big part of what drives this music.

To coincide with his new musical journey, TheFallOfRein is studying for an audio engineering degree at the LA Film School – this music being a clear testament to an underlying interest in and skill for sound design. Look out for the music video for Black some time in June – visuals from which the header photo was taken. Stunning music, a pleasure to stumble upon.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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