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the___fuzz Fallen Lord


Fresh from the upcoming album Nighthorse, Fallen Lord is the new single and video from alt-rock artist the___fuzz, and it depicts a captivating tale of musical prowess and scene-setting escapism all at once.

Driving with the sort of festival-ready, organic Americana and blues-rock core that quickly invites interest, Fallen Lord goes on to balance quality riffs with equal parts distortion and clarity. Throw in a mighty vocal, slightly distanced with reverb so as not to detract from the overall vibe, and the sound feels immediately authentic.

“Can’t you see we’re kept in captivity, Can’t you see we had the woods for ourselves, We all are drowning in stupidity. All we need Is a second chance.”

Emerging complete with a superb set of artistic visuals, Fallen Lord is a vastly unique release, one that feels relatively nostalgic in style but paints a whole new series of images on the visual and lyrical front.

Not only does the track satisfy from a musical perspective, but it feels new, and it represents the sound and style of the___fuzz in a manner that easily provokes interest in the upcoming longer project.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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