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The Zzips Something To Break My Fall


The Zzips are onto something special with their sound right now. Something To Break My Fall is a song that connects fairly quickly, and continues to strengthen those threads between the listener and the artist throughout the remainder of the experience.

The song begins with a somewhat dreamlike and mildly dramatic rise up from silence into the hypnotic rain of an echoed riff and an organic drum-line. Following this, a stunning leading voice steps into view, accompanied perfectly by these compelling and intriguing lyrics that instantly involve you in the song. The whole thing is captivating from the start, for all of these reasons – the depth, the style, the genuine yet subtle and poetic presentation of passion. And it only gets better and better.

Following the intro, the melody evolves and brightens as the hook approaches – the lyrics work in unison with this effect, drawing you in further with fragments of ideas that seem both deeply personal yet vague enough to be made unique for each listener. The music follows a similar pattern. This isn’t a rock song as such – the vocals have that grit and depth of tone that would suit the rock and grunge world beautifully, but this feels much more like an organic and nearly acoustic set-up. The strings between vocal moments add a final flicker of unexpected yet brilliantly fitting musicality, suiting the scene well and adding even more to impress and engage the listener.

From a songwriting perspective, this release builds up wonderfully – quiet beginnings pave the way well towards what is a refreshingly long-form yet incredibly satisfying resolve. That hook lingers above you for quite a while before it hits, but the anticipation makes it all the more effective. A stunning song, easily addictive and a great introduction to the band if you’re new to their work.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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