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The Weadon Boys City Of Angels


Fresh from the EP Life Is War, rock duo The Weadon Boys deliver a poetic rock and roll sound and style with brilliant melodies, lashings of grit and passion, and a compelling story-line that quickly engages.

As an introduction to the band, this track works wonders, yet on top of this – City Of Angels is an absolute tune. Perfectly well-suited to the rock and roll or Americana tones of an action or drama soundtrack; TV and cinema calling out for precisely this kind of anthem.

From a songwriting perspective, the guys keep it simple – short lines and recognisable riffs pave the way towards the ultimate embrace and weight of the hook. The energy rises accordingly, space becomes fullness, and the performances both musically and vocally cater well to the underlying thoughtfulness and emotion of the writing.

As things progress, the whole thing spirals out and around listeners in an all-encompassing, powerful fashion. The latter half sees the instrumental layers rain down in a mighty way, bringing back the strength and escapism of classic rock and roll that seemed all but missing from the mainstream landscape in recent years.

Though the opening moments emerge soaked in rock authenticity, the latter half undoubtedly allows hindsight to describe them as softer, milder, and merely a taste of what’s to follow.

Nicely done, and the EP in full breathes all the more life into the scene. A live show is a must for those who stumble upon the opportunity.

Check out the full EP on Spotify. Find & follow The Weadon Boys on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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