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The Very Reverend HOLYGHOST


Striking bass and rhythm to match kicks off a spacious yet in your face HOLYGHOST from Californian genre-fuser The Very Reverend.

Leading with a sort of blues-rock weight and passion, TVR binds electronic layers of fuzz and synth to keep things eclectic and difficult to pigeon-hole. The very set-up of this track appeals for these qualities and indeed the structure or the back and forth between heavy impact and delicate anticipation.

Lyrically there’s plenty of intrigue to meet that of the haunting progression; weave in a mighty use of contrast as the hook drops and the whole thing captivates and satisfies like nothing else. Immediately we’re gifted a timeless indie hit, something like Queens of the Stone Age covering Gorillaz with a twist of Muse… but even that doesn’t cut it.

Cold War Kids vocals with raspy emotion and a compelling breaking point at the end of each short line, the single has a White Stripes-esque pace and stomp to it, with short verses and a brilliantly immersive, addictive sudden energy and fullness for the chorus.

Don’t dwell on the influence references, it’s merely an attempt to lure you in with familiarity. The Very Reverend has a style all of his own, and it’s an exciting new addition to the indie scene. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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