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The Valium In My Life (The Beatles)


There is no greater way to pay tribute to a band or artist you admire, than to put your time and efforts into creating a cover version of one of their songs. The work that has gone into creating this version of In My Life is incredible. The crisp quality of the vocal, the guitars, the drums, the energy and clear level of chemistry between the band members, has made this track seem like something almost entirely brand new. It’s a respectable ode to an historic group of musicians, and it’s one that sounds fantastic.

Not only does the track hold tight to the song’s original depth and purity, but it’s relevance is maintained with that brilliant hit of upbeat modern rock and roll. An indie twist to put their stamp on it, yet everything remains that originally made it what it was – a great song, great melodies, great meaning. All those feelings of happiness and dedication are still there.

It’s also really nice how the intro to this cover is a tiny, tin-can-like stereo sample of the song, only briefly, just before it kicks into action. These little touches of creativity throughout really make this cover shine. On a side note, somewhat, the musical structure and presentation of this song as performed by The Valium has genuinely inspired me to pick up the guitar and learn the song myself. In short, it’s a job well done if someone can inspire you in such a way. Really nice work.

I love the way they’ve made it sound; the almost flamenco-like flicks in the guitar solo, the strength and stability of the lead vocal – it’s a cover, for sure, of a hugely successful and influential band, but it’s one that has drawn my attention and affection towards The Valium, and I now find myself delving into their own personal catalogue of songs as a bi-product of listening to this – and none of it disappoints. A fantastic band. I sincerely look forward to catching them performing live over the coming months somewhere in Europe.

See what you think – head over to Youtube to hear the cover for yourself. The band are indeed soon to be touring Europe in their quest to conquer the world, with an upcoming collection of songs that match 60’s beat elegance with disruptive garage punk attitude. Not to be missed. Visit their Website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay involved.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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