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The Upstart Crows Bad Medicine


This introduction to The Upstart Crows is a song that comes through soaked in their own unique sound and creative musical craftsmanship. The track has the raw energy of a folk-rock, knees up band – the likes of which you’d catch around the stages of many a summer festival – but it also has this very interesting thread of story-telling about it, as well as some really appealing set-up choices.

The thing you notice the most about this song is its hook – a fairly common trait to realise, but the reasons you notice it are not that it has that usual ear-worm quality whereby you can’t escape it for the rest of your day. On the contrary, there’s simply something very attention grabbing and enjoyable about the pause and drop that fall between bad and medicine. It gives so much to the character of the song, and as these moments successfully re-capture any wandering attention, you then start to really notice the intricacies of the band’s musicianship and indeed of the lead singer’s voice.

The Upstart Crows kick this track off with a fairly infectious guitar riff and a string of effects that bring initial flickers of personality to the stage from the offset. Then you get this melody-line, its mildly theatrical presentation – there’s something slightly medieval about it all, vintage and poetic yet also personal enough to let listeners feel that essential connection to the band.

Alongside of everything is a brilliantly booming bass-line that meanders intentionally but energetically throughout the track. As stated, everything about this release just breathes new life into the genre and showcases the band’s superb abilities in writing and performing songs that are refreshing and endlessly entertaining. A live show is a must.

The band’s self-titled album will be released on August 24th. Check out their music via Bandcamp & Soundcloud. Find & follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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