The Two's - LULLABY - Stereo Stickman



The Two’s drive with musical intensity, passion, and intriguing poetic lyricism on this latest release.¬†LULLABY¬†is quite unlike any other lullaby you’ll have listened to of late, images of calm are undoubtedly juxtaposed by those that hit with a little more impact and uncertainty. Meanwhile, the duo continue to captivate with powerful performances and a generally experienced and interesting approach to making music.

Contrast is utilized well throughout this song, there are indeed instances of peacefulness and folk purity, but these are more often than not followed up by those which strike as a little darker. On the whole, the song presents as a mildly melancholic but mostly uplifting, knees-up kind of track. These varying moods and emotions are leaned back and forth between. Even the switch from the verse to the hook embraces the importance of contrast and helps hold tight to your interest as the track progresses and gathers momentum.

The second time you hear this, there’s undoubtedly a familiar and impressive sense of evolution to it. The Two’s have something decidedly unique about their creative drive and their way with performance. A live show would likely be all the more compelling and unquestionably memorable as experience and an inherent level of uninhibited artistry pour through in a real time setting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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