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The Stone MG’s I Need You


The Stone MG’s have exemplified the grip of addiction on this latest single in a subtle but powerful way, and what a song. I Need You is superb, breathtakingly soulful vocals drive with genuine passion and grit – you can feel the turmoil and the drama, and all the while the music works hard to reinforce the sensation and the journey expressed within. However, it does so in a manner that feels exciting, uplifting even; perfectly highlighting the conflict addicts experience between the sweet lure of their chosen vice and the freedom of walking away.

I Need You emerges as a fairly upbeat and rhythmic soundscape initially. A classic and rather raw drum sound steps through, followed by a characterful, colourful bass-line. Then among the surrounding space, Rodney James’ voice comes into play – the lyrics, the emotion, the vintage soul sound. Even as it is in these early stages, the song is fascinating – appealing in a melodic respect but intense for the known subject matter at its core. Things continue to evolve though, the drop sees the music explode into a full throttle indie-rock ambiance.

There’s an artistic nature to the set-up and indeed to every building block included in this song. The saxophone, the added vocals, the call of the vice – the increasing energy, the cascading vocals and the upward surge of beautiful chaos. To listen from a distance is to believe you’re witnessing an age-less classic – a funky, passionate performance from the early days of live music. To know the story behind it though is to receive it under a new light – My kind of lover – Take me to the other side – Shelter undercover – Desire never satisfied – the words take on a whole new meaning once the inspiration has been declared.

This is a huge hit in the making, the sort of poetic outpouring those who know what it feels like will undoubtedly connect with. In the same instance, a live performance would be unmissable. I look forward to hearing what the future brings from The Stone MG’s.

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Rebecca Cullen

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