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The Silver Bayonets Inside The Jar


Fresh from the eclectic and complex album Braveface, Inside The Jar takes conceptual songwriting to another level and simultaneously offers one of The Silver Bayonets’ most delicate and thoughtfully crafted songs yet. The track brings together two iconic and connected moments in literature, The Bell Jar from Sylvia Plath, and My Mother from her daughter, Frieda Hughes. The song begins with a uniquely effected guitar and a calming, quirky, slightly medieval-style riff that paves the way for the space and lyricism that follows. Softness begins the process, drawing you in with intrigue and mystery. Then comes the beat, the holding it all in, the rising tension. And things continue to build from here.

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This is an interesting song even without the backstory, the band always refresh audiences with something poetically out there and provocative, and this is far from an exception. Looking into the two forces that inspired it though gives the lyrics and the emotional set-up a lot more weight. The horror of the reality of it all stings more and more the further you look into the context. In itself though, this is a multi-layered, rather hopeful soundscape, showcasing some of the bands most memorable guitar work. That leading melody line is a surprising ear-worm and the guitars further the effect. As a mere fraction of the full project Braveface, this song really highlights the band’s unstoppable levels of dedication, passion, and skill. It brings through another side to their music, in my opinion, adding further personality and power to an already recognisable sound.

I’ve been consistently impressed by The Silver Bayonets with every release but this small moment within the album undoubtedly pushes that even further. You don’t get too many rock songs or songs from any genre these days that take something so interesting and unexpected and re-imagine it in a new form. If you haven’t heard Braveface in full yet, hear this song, at volume, and then inevitably make your way over there.

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