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The Silver Bayonets Change


While there’s a bizarre and interesting story behind the writing of this new single from the UK’s own The Silver Bayonets, the concept is presented in a relatable enough way that it proves poignant and inspiring of its own accord.

Not only is the song brilliantly written and structured, but the band perform it with every bit of passion we’ve come to love about their sound. The whole thing energises and connects in an instant thanks to all of these qualities.

Influenced by a certain well-known radio presenter ‘advising’ The Silver Bayonets to, essentially, change everything about their band in order to appeal to him, Change talks on precisely the issue of people attempting to incite change in those around them – purely for their own preferences or gain; not for the good of the individual. Forget authenticity or enjoying who you are while you’re alive – fit yourself into this box, instead.

The band have addressed the topic beautifully here, Change emerging like a classic rock hit with a decidedly accessible core, and also injecting perhaps their most satisfying and motivational hook yet. Their poetic and personal take on this draws you in, and manages to feel all at once intimate, unique, yet accessible and relevant to any number of listeners who’ve at some point felt the uncomfortable push away from identity and towards conformity.

As always, the band’s sound is instantly recognisable, as is their thoughtful songwriting style. In this case, Change is something of a heartfelt anthem for those who know the only road worth taking is that which holds true to their dreams and desires as an individual. Turn it up loud.

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