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The Rubicon Beyond the Rubicon


Wonderful songwriting, gentle acoustic guitar riffs and brightly celebratory choruses – The Rubicon offer an inspiring set of original songs, with their emotive and energising new album Beyond The Rubicon.

Combining the talents of Paul Mahieu from the Netherlands and Paul Griggs from the UK, The Rubicon deliver a timeless organic style of both songwriting and musicianship. Their lyrics and melodies meet with mellow grooves and natural, genuine voices. As such, Beyond The Rubicon proves a familiar but fascinating project – one loaded with songs that are a pleasure to listen to, and which simultaneously seek to inspire a sense of connection and humanity among listeners.

In example, Fly makes for a sensational opening track. Rising up from acoustic beginnings into a fully -loaded pop-rock anthemic celebration, Fly is beautiful and impressively dynamic as it makes its way through sections and the two varied artist voices.

My Island follows and continues to raise that bar, along with the simple yet spellbinding harmonies and thoughtful declarations of Loving You.

“To be in love is what we’re here for.”

This is the style The Rubicon have mastered, and these songs are arguably the best of the best in terms of their commitment and authenticity in the creative realm. Feel the uplift, the warmth, the honesty and heart, enjoy the genre-free expression and unplugged realness of a band both nostalgic and refreshingly true to their own artistic needs.

Download or stream Beyond The Rubicon. Find The Rubicon on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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