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The Rosie Varela Project What You Want (Feat. Who Is Raphael Leraux)


Ambient production and distinct bass-work guide us into the echoing poetic observations of a trippy and enchanting What You Want.

Freshly-released from the EP What Remains, Texas alt-rock outfit The Rosie Varela Project detail the lostness and longing of human existence with What You Want. The song pours through for over five minutes, blending aspects of classic trip hop – inspired by the likes of Massive Attack – with a notably organic indie edge; as the groove continues and the passion of the delivery subtly increases.

Featuring the additional talents of rapper Who Is Raphael Leraux, What You Want stands tall on the strength of its creative originality. The production is top notch, the instrumental and vocal layers intertwine beautifully throughout, and the latter half rap verse adds a welcomed dynamic and further poetic contemplations; which naturally build upon the song’s existing sense of purpose and movement.

Enjoyable from the outset but connecting more intensely as the experience evolves, What You Want introduces all involved as being thoughtful and intentional artists, carving out a melodic yet provocative realm that’s both calming and inspiring. There’s even a clear degree of motivational energy to the final quarter, and the fade-out to quiet leaves this quality lingering when the music comes to and end.

Grab the single via Bandcamp. Check out The Rosie Varela Project on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Follow Raphael Leraux on Instagram & TikTok.

Rebecca Cullen

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