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The Rhythm Bullies Surfdom


Aptly-titled and immediately uplifting for its strong groove and the sheer crash of those live drums – The Rhythm Bullies offer up a two-track EP that’s quick to set the mood.

Featuring brilliantly gritty, passionate rock vocals that seem born to perform in this way, Surfdom is all at once precisely the beach-side sound its title implies, yet also the contemporary alternative rock go-to of topical struggle, poetic depth, and absolute rock and roll presence.

“The world is burning baby, so grab a cigarette…”

Refreshing rock and roll in every regard, layers of reverb keep a softer edge of shoegaze running alongside the power of that vocal lead and notably anthemic melody.

Smoke Rings is instantly appealing, in short – the hypnotic repeat of that guitar riff, the crisp embrace of the bass and rhythm, and the seductive certainty of that leading voice all work quickly to get you hooked.

The second track on the Surfdom EP leads with a more indie-rock, almost Britpop flavour as it kicks into gear. Soon we get the pairing of power chords and guitar slides and bends for a fresh look at The Rhythm Bullies corner of creativity.

Somewhat influenced by the likes of post-punk throughout this more high-octane crowd-pleaser, The Beachgoer keeps the sound connected and recognisable as The Rhythm Bullies, but it also introduces another side to their playful yet purposeful scene-setting and performative drive.

There’s an addictive quality to these two songs, not just the likeable, familiar musicianship, but the clear authenticity of the delivery – particularly from front-man Sebastian Mogan; the devotion to the moment, not seeking audience approval nor including anything purely for the sake of reaching certain audiences.

The final fifth of The Beachgoer even veers off into the realm of bands like The Hives – notably yesteryear-kissed in a whole other way. The carefree commitment is invigorating. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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