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The Ragged Flags Homecoming


Folk-pop and Americana stylings back up blissful imagery and scenes, as The Ragged Flags showcase absolute musical unity alongside stories of love, loss and redemption, for Homecoming.

Home Again starts off this journey and introduces the band’s organic and softly engaging style. We’re inspired and awakened by the subtle energy and colourful presence of the music and vocal delivery, which paves the way well for what proves an ultimately eclectic album of songs no doubt designed to hit with impact in the live setting.

Cocaine Jane lifts the pace and adds a little rock distortion to mix things up, before The Motions employs harmonies and lighter tones to reflect upon a captivating series of ideas and feelings. Left Behind then promises an arena-ready anthem, contrasting knees-up musicianship with lyrics of lostness, nostalgia and longing.

On occasion The Ragged Flags strip things back to the bare essentials, the likes of Tonight, Today underlining an acoustic side of their sound. Elsewhere the band bring up the fullness and amplification, for the brilliant How It Burns, or the stylish, riff-strong Told You So.

Later on, Oh Yeah is a defiant highlight, elevating the listener in its rising energy and vocal and instrumental unity during the latter half.

Impossible to pigeon-hole, The Ragged Flags lead with songwriting intention and freedom of creativity overall, blending genres and hints of influence from the likes of Blues-Rock as much so as contemporary Pop-Rock and even Country. Homecoming the album lays bare this respectable approach in a unfiltered and genuine fashion, and offers a plethora of likable, catchy and compelling songs in the process.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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