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The Pierce Project Time is Absurd (Favorite Song)


Embracing absurdity and fusing contemporary observations with thoughtful poetic references, The Pierce Project emerge here by means of a descending then rising melody, a series of harmonies, a long-form tune that’s quickly engrossing, and a concept that intrigues and entertains right the way through.

Style-wise, Time Is Absurd appears with a fairly classic pop-rock set-up. The sound falls somewhere between the mainstream tones of The Beach Boys and the more alternative angle utilized by bands like Built To Spill.

A few simple elements make up this single, that falling melody being a main one – later accompanied by the contrasting, rising vocals, for an effective choir-like feel. Behind this, an easy going drum-line and a few organic layers keep things moving.

The final moments lead you through a likable big finish – the sound grows all the more full, brighter and indicative of togetherness at the height of realization and, consistently, absurdity.

An addictive little tune, with refreshingly interesting lyrics. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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