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The New Starts Now Letter To Myself


Stripping things back to the bare essentials and choral warmth of pop-rock, The New Starts Now gets candid and contemplative, for the mellow anthemic ballad that is Letter To Myself.

Leaving behind the pop-punk roots for a more reflective pace and thoughtful tone that seems to lean towards the likes of Oasis, Letter To Myself highlights a whole new side to the Florida-born creative The New Starts Now, and draws focus to a self-aware degree of gratitude and forward-thinking combined.

Notably familiar in set-up, with short lines paving the way towards a simple resolve – even a looping melodic switch for a powerful, all-together-now middle-8 – the single feels like a timeless classic, yet maintains that unmistakable vocal character and effective structuring that is renowned amidst the work of The New Starts Now. There’s even a clear connection this time around, between the artist name and the ideas and aspirations detailed within the new song; it’s a fresh beginning, a belief in better for the here and now.

An uplifting listen, from the heart and honest yet hopeful at the very same time, and cleverly walking the line between authentically personal, and more broadly accessible in its inherent humanity and soul.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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