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The New Starts Now Know The Right Moment / Love and Secrets


The New Starts Now bring audiences a fresh take on pop-rock and songs that appear thoughtful and structurally colourful – not dissimilar to the likes of Fun, from a songwriting perspective, but edging more in the way of organic pop punk; musically speaking.

Know The Right Moment is a fine place to begin, their sound – driven by an accessible leading vocalist and a real-time instrumental set-up – emerges as that of an optimistic nature, one with an authentic connection to music and the arts, but one with a simultaneously emotional and reflective way of thinking. The song’s lyrics paint a clear picture, laying out the details of the story before you – letting the verses pave the way, then letting the hook appropriately redirect and include the listener in this moment of hope and possibility.

It feels like a self-empowering song, one that deals with difficulty and mistakes to an extent, but that focuses for the most part on this aura of overcoming. This shines brightly in everything from the resolve of the chorus to the general brightness of the music, and finally to the latter half breakaway – where a choir of voices backs up and changes the mood of the music; offering a mighty sense of togetherness, and giving the song a definite touch of the anthem-like qualities that would make for a huge moment at live shows.

Love and Secrets is the latest single and video release from The New Starts Now, it’s one that seems to have been crafted from a similar place of positivity and good vibes, but that appears as much more of a folk-rock, gradually intensifying piece of music and writing. The song builds up from the offset, with the gradual introduction of every new layer of instrumentation, and with the rising passion of the leading vocal performance. The delivery feels very genuine, which lets the song and its sentiment connect in a fairly limitless way.

From a songwriting perspective, the verse melodies have a familiar structure – the higher ended notes of the first half of each line lead you joyfully towards the lower, more thoughtful endings. In a similar fashion, the clap of the beat and this deeply organic, live sound, adds further to the whole big-band, folk-rock escapism vibe that the song so strongly puts forth. At the same times as all of this though, The New Starts Now consistently hold on to this mild pop-punk aura – the leading voice is a big part of this, as are the various flickers of electric guitar. It’s a sound that’s comforting for its familiarity, but that also holds close to a number of traits that become clearly those of The New Starts Now above anything else.

There’s a simple joy and entrancing progression to everything about the song – you can picture the live presentation, it’s another that would make for a huge moment among a willing audience. The accompanying video furthers this and also builds upon the accessible nature of the leading voice – the whole thing emerges within reach, not distancing itself from the listener, but rather; welcoming them into the journey and into this process of overcoming, this declaration of loyalty, of living in the moment and appreciating the good things. The song inspires you to be joyful and to go after those things that matter. The New Starts Now seem to have this quality of uplifting, inspirational songwriting inherent in all that they do. A pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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