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The New Starts Now At the End of the World


Feeling vocally and melodically like a punk-pop power-ballad, yet riding alongside the strength of a simple, light and pop-soaked piano backdrop, At The End of the World is the deeply emotive new single from The New Starts Now, and it showcases some brilliantly thoughtful, energizing songwriting.

From simple beginnings, the chord progression leaves plenty of space – within which the leading vocals quickly draw attention, with short lines and a certain longing for togetherness.

As things build, the instrumentation evolves, bringing in new layers – not least of all the drop to the beat for the second verse. A classic arrangement, a familiar set-up that’s quickly effective. This second verse features additional vocal flickers that strengthen certain moments and certain lines. The intensity and anticipation continues to rise, and the later drop to the chorus becomes more and more addictive and immersive as the soundscape progresses.

A beautiful song, somewhat humble in set-up but professionally and pristinely crafted, and gorgeously performed. A live delivery would almost certainly prove to be a crowd pleaser – not least of all for that final vocal outpouring, and the electric guitar riff that helps drive it all through with vibrancy and weight.

At the end of the world, we’ll be dancing, when it all burns down, we’ll be standing…

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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