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The Music Masters Polaris / Accelerate


From the immediate appeal of fast-paced yet catchy melodic sound-play, through carefully programmed rhythms, colours, keys and synths, The Music Masters build up an immersive realm of electro-organic escapism, with the uniquely hypnotic Polaris.

Crafted of admittedly retro flavours and natural progressions combined, Polaris follows its own sense of journey throughout – utilising essential layers of riffs and hooks for that audience connection, but otherwise developing a level of evolution and change that’s impossible to pigeonhole.

Where we end up is some kind of cinematic, dance or neo-classical realm, electronically soaked yet clearly played with heart for a degree of humanity that helps things connect.

Weave in a subtle world-music flavour in the off-rhythm section and eclecticism is a defiant calling card; one that reappears throughout the catalogue of The Music Masters.

With Accelerate, the elements prove recognisable, but the vibe and the melody are soaked in a new sense of purpose. There’s a dreamy, euphoric aspect of emotion to this one, and lashings of space between melodic leads. No wonder then, the multiple thousands of streams it’s achieved – this ambient arena of escapism gifting listeners a blissfully light, uplifting moment of calm and contemplation.

Piano-led simplicity continues to hold close to that identity of The Music Masters, offering a hint of haunting uncertainty as Revival opens up. Then comes the rhythm, the clap, the brightness and rising optimism, all reinforcing the implied topic of the title. Production sound-play and a sheer love for making music combine beautifully throughout this brief yet engaging piece.

One more instance of organic and electro fusion is the minimalist presence and increasing power of Retrospective – a timeless highlight for its enchanting build up and enveloping warmth.

The style is fairly unmistakable now, The Music Masters utilising known building blocks but ultimately creating from a place of personality and enjoyment. Nothing is faked, nothing is needed that’s overly flashy or attention grabbing, just the heartfelt audio embrace of comforting, natural expression and musicianship.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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