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THE MOB Nice Things


Creative house and pop duo THE MOB start off the new year just right, with the launch of their euphoric and smooth new single Nice Things.

Building up from colourful beginnings through soul-pop and electro verses to the ultimate looping of that central phrase, Nice Things gathers momentum like a classic summer anthem, blurring the lines between electro-pop and EDM with grace and intention.

The track goes on to employ contrast between these moments of softness and energy further still, the now familiar layers repeating and the structure gearing listeners up for another joyful drop into the chaos and passion of the moment. Meanwhile that central voice repeats, fragmented and looping, before resolving through a longer-form indie-pop line for the final quarter.

Naturally nostalgic for its ability to take you somewhere deep in memory, but also crisp and clean as a refreshing new twist on the current musical landscape, Nice Things brings equal parts passion and precision to the stage.

THE MOB are just now getting started on their journey, with a new single prepared to launch for every month of 2024, but already the quality and evocative warmth of the music connects for its ability and heart united. Stay tuned.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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