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The Midnight Shepherds BLACK CAT BONE


Piercingly seductive blues-rock hits with an ever-authentic raw presentation, as live-show extraordinaries The Midnight Shepherds release their latest ode to the organic musicality and passion of times past.

Strong riffs, crisp rhythms, fearless vocals and even a harmonica solo – we’re well and truly transported to the venue with this one; and indeed to a simpler era.

Black Cat Bone showcases the very best of the band’s skill and unity on the stage. With vocal adlibs and freestyle solos alike, the five-minute venture celebrates all that real music can be – the escapism, the variety of emotions and the impact. Furthermore, it delivers a good-vibes tribute to the swagger and bass-led grooves from the dawn of the genre.

Captured live at The Alabama Music Box, this take on Black Cat Bone connects consistently, taking listeners there with genuine presence and power, and prompting keen interest in both higher volumes and the live show itself. Even the raw finish of the recording adds further to that realness and purity of sound.

The Midnight Shepherds are always one to look out for, and 2023 seems like the perfect opportunity to catch them doing their thing on stage.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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