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The Machete The Machete


Naturally a name to remember, and more than reinforcing that quality with style, skill and entertaining embrace, Europe’s own The Machete re-craft their self-titled classic single, for a superb instrumental that refuses to falter throughout.

Promising an uplifting groove and superb guitar work every step of the way, The Machete blends that authentic live acoustic sound with flickers of world-music and outright dance-ready pace, for an impressive display of musicianship and unity from one of the scene’s most captivating acts.

What begins as a mildly mysterious, alluring soundscape, soon progresses to offer the high-octane bounce of a festival favourite ready and waiting.

Something the band mastered previously remains a trait of their sound, that ability to portray an eclectic, cultured and creatively unpredictable style, whilst delivering just enough of those recurring qualities or riffs and rhythms to give a song an unmistakable identity. The Machete masters that here, proving to be an addictive ditty of a hit, whilst lighting up the space with multiple layers of expressive playing, and swiftly prompting interest in the live show. They’re a live band, without a doubt, and their ability is matched beautifully by their energy and presence on stage.

Fantastic, absolutely worth knowing about. If you hadn’t already – remember the name, and give this track the attention it deserves this summer and beyond.

Check out The Machete via Patreon & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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