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The Lunar Keys ONCE


The UK’s own The Lunar Keys return this month with a beautifully crafted soft-rock anthem of arena-ready presence.

From humble beginnings, the subtle rising anticipation of tumbling toms, breathy vocals and simple, poetic verse lines, ONCE builds up slowly but with intent. The lyrics set the scene, working towards an inspiring peak that ultimately sees the instrumental layers multiply to reinforce this uplifting resolve.

Feeling like a contemporary twist on indie and classic rock, a hint of U2 in the reverb on both vocals and lead guitar, ONCE works to remind listeners of the beauty of the world, the possibilities that lie within a fresh start or a new perspective, even a big dream.

The concept is vaguely presented so as to allow the listener the space to interpret it as per their own journey and experiences. The music and passion with which its delivered also further elevates this quality, gifting the audience a powerful wash of escapism, which enchants and energises as its warmth and volume evolve.

The Lunar Keys kick started a tradition with new releases, not too long ago, in which they donate part of their proceeds to causes close to their hearts. In the case of ONCE, the cause is in the hands of the fans – drop them an email with suggestions to

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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