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The Lunar Keys If It Was


The UK’s own fast-rising indie rockers The Lunar Keys propel themselves even higher with this brilliantly provocative, conceptually poignant and musically beautiful new single.

Self-defined as a song about protest and possibilities, If It Was takes on a classic pop-rock set-up and introduces itself with a series of poetic, thoughtful yet vague and intriguing questions. Throw in a visually eclectic, topical series of images from recent times, and the release is quick to connect.

As a band, The Lunar Keys make fine use of hypnotic riffs, dashes of reverb, addictive rhythms, and smooth, accessible vocals that reach out for their natural emotion and Brit-pop realism. From a song-writing perspective, a whole host of other boxes turn out to be ticked.

The structure is a huge part of this – simple verses, short lines, pave the way with increasing anticipation, towards an ultimately explosive, resolving hook. This moment is also reinforced the second time around by a rather stunning instrumental break – blending distortion and dreamlike delicacy to truly embrace and envelop listeners.

Following this bold middle-8, the song takes a turn towards the anthem-like rock hits from acts such as U2, with deeply passionate vocals reaching engaging peaks, and the very questioning nature of the song calling out on behalf of possibility – lines like Would you change the world today? echoing out and uniting powerfully with the immersive nature of this side of the soundscape.

Brilliant, a classic feel with a contemporary twist – from a band well worth knowing about in the run up to the live scenes that will, hopefully, reappear within our lives some time next year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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