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The Last Chance Riders Downright Disgusted


The main takeaway from this single by The Last Chance Riders is undoubtedly the key line – the hook, the title concept and its melodic resolve; I’m downright disgusted with the shape I’m in. Everything else feels classically blues-rock and roll – hard-hitting guitars and a surprisingly gritty and powerful leading voice that seems perfectly well suited to this type of track. That central line though is a huge selling point in terms of the modern musical landscape.

It’s an impressive recording, for sure – the band are united by a shared love for the genre and for musical self-expression in general. You can hear this within every element and you can see it in the accompanying video. That central idea is certainly what gives the song its edge though – the thing that places it slightly outside of the common arena and pushes it off in its own, stylish, thoughtful, and memorable direction.

The lead singer for this band presents the perfect level of contrast vocally to see the track build and subsequently hit with impact where relevant. The intro paves the way with power, the verses fall back a little, then the hook smashes onto the stage with absolute vibrancy and weight. This is the way that things are structurally, before you even consider the vocal specifics. Then when you look at the delivery, which is admittedly at the forefront of the experience for most listeners, you genuinely notice and appreciate how effective the singer is at meeting the requirements of each of these moments. Her voice is capable of softness and intensity intermittently, skillfully meandering between the cold and the warm, captivating the listener and managing to always stay afloat among an already full and chaotic soundscape.

Downright Disgusted is a great song, classically nostalgic but fresh in presentation and character – well written and brilliantly performed. A live show is a must for those who can.

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