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The Kith Rules


Amsterdam DJ-duo The Kith bring youthful passion and skilful precision to the contemporary Deep House scene, with a series of originals designed for and dedicated to offering crisp and immersive, energising escapism.

Making for a bold and beautiful example is the powerful and hard-hitting single Rules.

Featuring a subtle build-up of clear rising anticipation, Rules leads with ambient, synth-kissed layers of dreamy delicacy, and an up-front vocal that intrigues for its clarity and revealing story-line.

Soon enough, The Kith inject their unquestionable degree of identity into the music, as intense rhythm and bass sees things explode into higher-octane realms. The personal romance and uncertainty of the lyrics reaches an emotive peak at this long-awaited moment of cut-throat honesty.

The second drop seems to take even longer to hit, its simplicity and minimalism creating a defiant sense of keenness in the listener – effective sound-design and a broad range of inspiration from Slap House and Future House all playing a role in giving the song a familiar yet fresh aura.

Just one of many, from an act already racking up hundreds of thousands of plays, the sound of The Kith is effectively paving the way for the future of electronic music. Well worth delving into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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