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The Keymakers With You / Falling Down


The Keymakers have released two stunning new singles this week, and both are every bit as impressive and immersive as anything from before – as well as being excitingly fresh and, as always, heartfelt and loaded with depth.

With You as an introduction to the spring season is beautiful, a lightly acoustic soundscape supports and enhances those incredibly pure and mesmerising vocals in the perfect way. Slowly but surely the ambiance gathers momentum, the song and its passion intensify, and soon enough this hugely uplifting and gorgeously intense soundtrack surrounds and envelops you.

This single is nothing at all like the duo’s previous releases, other than that sense of meaning and that unmistakably crisp, professional finish. In this case, there’s a slight MJ vibe to the performance and the subtle yet striking soul of the whole thing. It’s beautiful, simply put – a pleasure to listen to on repeat; the quiet that follows is nothing compared to the sweet warmth of the song.

Download or stream With You here.

On the other side of the coin is a song called Falling Down, one that appears with the same sense of clarity and production style, pairing the two well, yet one that also walks its own pathway in terms of creativity and intention. Again, the vocal is sensational – quietly whispered on occasion, lifting to greater levels of energy and passion as the music evolves – and this one evolves in a big way.

Falling Down sees The Keymakers bring back that synth-washed EDM vibe that gave some of their previous releases a massive surge of positive energy and vibrancy. The bounce and brightness of this track is immersive in a totally different way to the gentle lull of With You. The two songs work well as part of a short playlist together, but equally there’s strength and something very genuine to appreciate and get lost within whichever one you may turn to.

This seems like a big moment for the band in terms of their writing – these songs feel incredibly personal, intimate and honest in an authentic, absorbed by the moment sort of way. There was never any question as to how well they could produce and perform music, or write songs for that matter, but as time goes by it seems they delve even deeper into their own journeys and stories. As a listener, it’s a total pleasure to be able to share in that and build a connection as it shines through in their music. This is going to be a big year for The Keymakers, and rightfully so. An act well worth showing your support to.

Download or stream Falling Down here. Find & follow The Keymakers on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

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