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The Keymakers Tell Me Something


Certain artist or band names have the inherent power to appeal when they pop up in a news feed, even among such a vast and ever-growing world of music. The Keymakers fall into that category, without question. Their music never disappoints, never fails to impress and even surprise – they offer eclecticism alongside of skill, creativity, and passion. It’s an obvious choice to press play, and as expected – this latest single is no exception to the rule.

Tell Me Something brings together elements of modern, electronically sourced pop, with an RnB-style melody, a string of smooth and even falsetto vocal deliveries, and something of a gentle dance-hall bounce that really carries the mood well. The soundtrack supporting the song has a modern feel, without a doubt. There are moments of delicacy, but there are also moments with a little more weight and swagger – the distorted synths that line the outer edges of the hook and the instrumental break add an element of contrast. It works well, particularly when the song drops back to its quieter moments.

The Keymakers as a duo offer a shared understanding and desire with their music to paint audio journeys that feel all at once familiar, comforting, and a little left of what’s expected. The vocal style here has a classic feel to it, taking inspiration from some of the best soul and RnB artists of yesteryear. This approach, when united with such a crisp and colourful, contemporary soundscape as this, makes for a release that seems genuine and simultaneously likely to reach a wider audience with its accessible tones.

From a songwriting perspective, it’s a simple effect but there is an element of ear-wormery to the hook melody of this track – subtly but surely, it weaves its way into your mind for the long-run. Another strong contender from The Keymakers and seemingly the start of much bigger things to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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