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The Keymakers Insomniac (Mizü Remix)


Artist and DJ Mizü collaborates with Stickman favourites The Keymakers for this tasteful yet striking version of Insomniac – a superb remix, creatively fresh in its own unique way, yet still holding close to those original elements that gave the track its heart.

Mizü has a genuinely refreshing approach when it comes to remixing tracks. The Keymakers had already crafted the original song in a manner that let their personalities and creativity really shine, but where most remixes might provoke a producer to simply overload a selection of effects and additional synths, maybe even just crank up the pace, Mizü has held close to the groove and idea of the track and arranged around this a select few layers and intricacies that help give it a totally new feel.

This version actually takes things in a slightly more organic direction, something you don’t come across all too often but that can be a beautiful choice if executed in a professional way. This is unquestionably the case with this release – Mizü leads with a natural piano sound, and incorporates furthers instances of realness as the track progresses – including a flicker of soulfully free guitar. Furthermore, the remix comes with a new drop – an energy switch that again has been finely crafted so as to subtly emphasise the natural strengths of the song and take absolutely nothing away from its original essence. For those who are new to either artist, this is a stunning release that highlights the best of both sides of the coin.

“I think this song showcases a great hybrid of our strengths by focusing on The Keymakers original idea while the drop totally takes its own course,” shares Mizü. “I love to maintain the essence of the original by putting my own spin on it so I think this turned out just the way I imagined!”

Download or stream the remix here. Find & follow The Keymakers on Twitter & Instagram.

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