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The Keymakers Flipside


Flipside is a gorgeously colourful release that offers up a smooth, creatively detailed soundscape, alongside of both a compelling new melody and a subsequent rap vocal that adds further to the evolution and unpredictability of the whole song.

The Keymakers are brothers, a family duo writing distinctly unique songs together that stand out for a number of reasons. Flipside initially strikes as something of a classic reggae or R&B piece, the mellow energy of the ambiance, the rhythm, the initial vocal delicacy and melody. Soon enough it emerges as more of a trip-hop led track, the instrumentation veers off into this completely unexpected and slightly experimental corner of audio. Everything about it works beautifully once it appears though. The synths and riffs and samples all seem to fit flawlessly within the space, supporting and even enhancing the underlying story and sentiment. The keys featured in the backdrop during the quieter moments, laying bare the melody at first, present a simple yet effective set of chords that set the scene and mood well for what will follow.

From a production perspective the track is incredibly impressive. First of all, certain elements of this soundscape have a quality that comes through with so much memorable character, not unlike the big summer hits such as I Took A Pill In Ibiza, even Despacito to an extent. The song is nothing like either of these, but you get something out of the instrumentation that is blissful to experience, unlike the average pop song in which it is the melody or the key line that stays with you. Secondly, whether it’s the chemistry of the two brothers driving this individuality or not, the set-up is refreshingly unusual. The entire first half of the song is performed melodically, the ideas are sung, the whole thing seems to present itself fully and you briefly fall into complacency thinking you know how it all will go now. The latter half of the track, however, introduces the rap vocal – re-crafts the experience, re-directs your thoughts, keeps the mood completely relevant and fits brilliantly, as with everything else. It adds just enough of that something fresh to really set in stone the strength of the release. There’s so much creativity, passion, and professionalism here. These guys are definitely worth looking out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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