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The Key Of Green Precedence and the Silent Wheel


Back once again with a brand new album to kick off another new year, The Key Of Green follow up 2020’s Metaphorical Fires with a fresh collection of addictively high-octane, provocative and experimental rock wonders.

Starting things off on a high, Box Spring is the perfect opener – infectious riffs rain down in a chaos of live-band energy and optimism. Throw in a fast pace and a subsequent drop to a mellow, Sublime-style groove, and the track quickly draws an audience for its creativity and passion alike.

Musically brilliant, the album continues to make and break its own rules structurally, impressing for that artistic sense of freedom as much so as for this song-writing edge of identity and the equal character found in the leading voice.

Loaded with stories, Precendence and the Silent Wheel is as entertaining as it is well-crafted for pure musical escapism. I Am Not a Troll keeps this balance strong as the second track, and again juxtaposes high-energy and chaos with a clear sense of space as the verses draw your focus back to the lyrics; and a sense of calm, as the hook softly washes over.

Furthering the superb nature of the musicianship throughout The Key Of Green’s catalogue, Deep Space Deep State leads with some stunning meandering guitars – and a mighty build up from delicacy to intensity as it progresses. The story hits second to the music here, making it almost essential to listen more than once. This is an album that invites you to obsess over it; just like in the old days.

There are only eight tracks on this project, and really they all deserve your time and attention – delving into the playlist in full is the best way to get the most out of the creative escapism that is The Key Of Green.

Warren’s War intrigues, hits with weight and free-flowing, theatrical vocals; loaded with passion and forever recognisable. Fascinating lyrics, as ever, and melodies that follow no set rules or industry standards – paving their own way in a manner not unlike the early Incubus or Pearl Jam records.

The darkness and weight of Warren’s War is furthered for the heavy and intense Dirt of Worms, which slowly but surely envelops its audience in a relentlessly looping chorus of concept and rising anticipation.

Scrape follows with additional grit and initially unsettling imagery. As always though, the music never gets complacent, and the mood quickly switches gears for a somewhat joyful and satisfying interlude.

Old Money Boy offers a level of colour and some cascading guitar work, leading with an almost modern Muse style and sentiment. Then we get the seductive bends and finger-style swagger of The Soapbox Of Men, a poignant and powerful closing track, with a Queen-inspired level of creativity and performance about it. A stunning song, eight minutes in full and not a moment too long.

Incredibly poetic, interesting, refreshing in both style and subject – not to mention undeniably recognisable and firmly rooted in its own identity. Another immensely unique album from the one and only The Key Of Green. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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