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The Judex Cult Of Judex B/W Witchface


If you’re a fan of authentic and boisterous rock and roll, The Judex are most probably the very band you’ve been waiting for. The Philadelphia based trio offer audiences a hardcore and hugely addictive sound that comes forth, for now, in the form of a double single release featuring Cult Of Judex Witchface. The former of the two tracks explodes into life with cascading distorted guitars, a melodic, indie rock like verse, and a subsequent and almighty hook section that fuses classic rock chanting and intense rhythm to make for a pretty unforgettable track.

Unforgettable is the key word – the band set out to grab your attention, and they’re ever determined to succeed. Witchface follows on from the opener with a similar high energy, though the chords and notes chosen in this case set an entirely different scene. The two songs as a unit really highlight the complex and creatively free sound and songwriting that the band are about to present to the world in full force. Their upcoming EP Return Of The Split Lip is undoubtedly one to look out for, a project which, by their own admission – should be kept in regular rotation because it’s going to be fucking incredible.

Even with the release of just two songs, the band leave their mark indefinitely. Their lyrics have power in themselves, but it’s this musical craft-work that properly shines a light on them. The intensity of the music comes through in every single instrument; the speed of the bass-line is heavily infectious, the drums draw you in with every moment that passes, the guitars are insanely satisfying, and the leading vocal has a little of that classic rock sound and a little of something slightly more dramatic or theatrical – all of which plays a part in making The Judex’ sound undeniably unique.

Check out our in depth interview with the band to learn more about who they are and what they’re about. Find & follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated. Download both tracks via Bandcamp.

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