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The Jorgensens The Lexington Stretch


Purely listening to If The Sea Was Whiskey, the opening track from this new full-length album from The Jorgensens, is highly likely to be more than enough to win over even the most stubborn of music fans. The Lexington Stretch is an absolute treat for the ears and the soul, soothing the energy in the room with gritty yet smooth blues melodies, seductive harmonies, and songwriting that digs right into the core of the human experience in a poetic and completely engaging way.

The album builds up from the opening moments to introduce a few instances of higher energy, superb rhythm and stunning musicianship, always being careful to artistically craft something immersive and faultlessly connected to the concept at the heart of the song. Both vocalists in the band offer incredibly impressive and enjoyable voices – together they work their magic with ease throughout this entire collection.

Musically there’s a soul and blues backbone to much of the project, which is met with folk-like story-telling and a few likable flickers of freely expressive jazz. If you’re looking for something you can turn up loud and escape within for an hour or so – The Lexington Stretch is essential. I look forward to catching the band live someday – you can tell from the recording quality, the crisp and clean, organic nature of the deliveries, that this is a band who are categorically united and connected to one another during performances.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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