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The Inner Party Stay Together For The Cats


An interesting concept draws you over to this song – it sounds humorous at first, and strangely familiar, but the track actually evolves to be a genuinely heart felt outpouring of love, loyalty, and desperation. By the end of the experience, the song has grown to be this wash of electronic audio and vocally passionate repetition. Things begin quietly, then slowly the intensity rises – almost as if the situation is being filtered through a funnel of reality, towards those final crushing moments of panic and last grasps at hanging in there.

The Inner Party have described their sound as working class noise. To me, it does feel like a totally relatable way of expressing difficult things – they don’t merely leave the lyrics to define the song’s sentiments, they showcase it through every element involved. The mellow and almost monotone vocal delivery suits the opening ideas and lyrics perfectly well – the characters you might conjure up in your mind as you consider it make a lot of sense under this umbrella of expression. The melody itself is well suited to the cause, and as that intensity rises, the soundscape grows thicker – more and more layers of music and voice appear and intertwine as the whole thing approaches its peak.

The latter half of the song is a little more emotionally poignant than the first. There’s far more to the release than the title perhaps implies – there seems to be heartache and a deep fear of rejection or loneliness at its core. The more you listen, the more the gradual uphill climb starts to pull you along. The music is quite beautiful, perhaps this stands in clever contrast with the simple, two or three notes featured in the melody. The space – the moments between vocals – adds further to this. It’s a clever song with a lot more depth than first expected. I’d be keen to hear the longer project from The Inner Party.

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