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The Infection Consequences


There’s a certain quality that occasionally emerges in a rock vocal where the artist genuinely and thoroughly submits to the performance – bidding farewell to concerns or audience reception, diving head-first into the moment and letting it guide the sound of their voice with whatever levels of passion and intensity the song in hand draws from them. This was the first thing to strike me about the sound of The Infection.

Before any of rock’s sub-genres started to come to mind, before the style of the music collected labels from me – the leading vocalist and the sentiments on display throughout¬†Consequences captivated¬†purely because of this honest and unapologetic, even vulnerable, delivery. It’s completely refreshing right now. And sure, it’s a superb voice – the singer’s ability to move from delicacy to grit and volume is immense, but it’s not just skill alone that gives the performance such an appealing edge. It’s the dedication to the art form. This doesn’t feel like a forced performance, from any of the band members – it feels like a song that had to be made, that they would have made with or without an audience, and for these reasons you get a whole-hearted level of realness before anything else.

Style-wise Consequences seems to walk the line between classic rock and metal, Iron Maiden, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and the more alternative rock bands from a little more recently. The chord progressions and the ideas present a fresh and deeply personal aura, thus the performance is quickly entrancing. It’s a great track, in every case, and a strong starting point for those new to the band’s sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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