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The @if If I Was A Girl (International Women’s Day 2019: Womanitarian Song)


The @if’s latest release reacts to 2019’s National Women’s Day, on March 8th. The song quickly brings through the band’s unmistakable creativity, offering a slightly Americana-inspired musicality and a rather heavy anthem that’s quickly memorable.

The @if’s approach to this song is seemingly to address feminism from, as implied by the title, the perspective of a female in today’s world. There’s an air of humor to the song, but there’s also a sense of rebellion and scorn, and that humor is notably more sarcastic than anything else. Lines like If things don’t go my way I’m yelling ‘me too’ drive the track in a slightly dissonant direction. The blow is subtle yet defiant.

The song has the swagger of indie-rock, the vocal seems to genuinely adopt the role – there’s passion to the performance, a definite level of anger and conflict, and as the melody progresses and the music builds the track becomes all the more intense. That blues-rock aura is big. From a songwriting perspective this is one of the catchiest songs The @if have put out to date. The set-up and the organic musicianship is easy to get on-board with, a live show would potentially go down a treat on a Friday night – particularly with that guitar solo and the relentless energy of the drums.

The track doesn’t speak out in defense or support of any cause, as the title might imply. If you were to hear it from afar you might not necessarily connect the dots. I mean, lyrically their stance is clear, but the immediacy of that energy and that soundscape quickly overtakes anything deeply conceptual – many a rock and roll fan may be swept away on the song’s vibrancy before they even realise its purpose. In either case, it grabs your attention.

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