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The Haunted North Fairytail


Gritty nostalgic rock energy injects a catchy rhythm and vibe from the outset as The Haunted North take on sultry story-telling with their brand new single Fairytail.

Stylishly crisp and authentically organic from the guitar sound to the crash of the drums and the rising roar of the vocals, Fairytail blends the attitude of hard-rock with a melodically infectious backbone and concept that consistently lure the listener in closer.

From the opening verse we’re in a first-person realm of progressive rock tendencies. Then after the initial drop to the hook, where the vocal peaks impressively for a true resolve, the second verse proves all the more revealing and intriguing.

Emerging complete with a cascading guitar solo to contrast the distorted descending pattern underneath, Fairytail brings together poetic short lines for further impact – ‘a rolling sea… a perfect dream…’ Everything is faultlessly in tune with the very idea of the Fairytail; at least in its original spelling.

Furthermore, the band make fine use of simple, structural and stylistic details, to hit with the weight of a mainstream classic whilst maintaining that inherent alternative sound and identity that runs throughout their catalogue.

Brilliant, an addictive new release with the ideal theme-portrayal, quirky imagery and energy for Halloween.

Artwork by Naomi Griffin.

Visit The Haunted North’s Website for more information. Find & follow the band on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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