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The Hash Conflicted


Fusing influences and cultures in art and music can be exciting and can often result in something fresh and inspiring. Occasionally though, it can fall a little too far from either of the audiences generally attracted to each sound – it’s not necessarily an easy thing to jump in and create. In the case of The Hash, their soft rock sound is enhanced beautifully, in my opinion, by the introduction of the sitar. The role of the instrument is that which is usually filled by a second guitar or piano, of which there are many, many examples from throughout the past twenty years. With Conflicted, the freshness comes through in both the songwriting and this alternative touch of culture that is not commonly found within the rock world.

The Hash, the self-described pioneer of the genre Sitar-rock, crafts bright and enjoyable rock music that touches on topics of frustration and inner difficulty. The Sitar is not some quirky, central point of focus within the sound, instead it simply helps bring out the warmth in the same way that the guitars, drums and vocals do. It’s a great song, fans of soft rock or pop-rock will likely respond well to it – the song’s title and concept sink in thanks to a memorable hook and a powerful driving vocal performance. Those who are already a fan of the Sitar or other alternative instruments may also, hopefully, be inspired to get more creative with their playing and their composing. It’s a simple change, an added touch of character that really helps give the band that something special to embrace and to recognise them by.

Production wise the song comes through as sharp and well polished, ready for radio, ready to be played at full volume. Structurally the build up and the fall away contrast and compliment each other effectively. Conflicted is a great rock track with a simple yet relevant and effective video to accompany it. The Hash are likely to put on an impressive live show.

Find & follow The Hash on Facebook or visit their Website for more information. You can also check out front-man Hash’ guitar tutorials over on Youtube, one of the most renowned of which is his Enter Sandman guitar lesson with tabs.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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