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The Harmalators Time Is On Your Side / I’m Trying To Get Through To You


The Harmalators are back this month with a pair of singles and videos that stay true to their classic, nostalgic and even vintage pop-rock sentiments.

Time Is On Your Side kicks things off and proves a hopeful antidote to anxiety and uncertainty. Reminding you that a brighter tomorrow is possible, that things will be OK in the end.

It’s a simple song with short lines and an effective resolve and repeat for the hook and title concept. The melody here descends in a calming way, and the paired vocals and organic optimism of the keys, bass and drums, all builds further on this optimism and peaceful, natural creativity.

I’m Trying To Get Through To You sets off with an immediately different mood. The opening guitar riff works really well in drawing you in, then those all familiar voices return, with their short lines, and the rise up for the repetition of another descending, memorable hook.

Despite the more melancholic intention, sadness is a subtle trait, and at its core, the song still speaks on the attempt to create a sense of brightness and possibility. The aim is again to convince a significant other, or even you, the listener, that things can be better.

The Harmalators categorically write and perform with a certain style and personality that’s easy to recognise. In both of these new songs, despite the different story-lines and chords, the set-up and structure is very similar. The hook simply repeats, there’s even a lyric-free melodic outpouring of ‘ooh’ in both songs, and behind the voices the music provides a classic, keys-led simplicity and warmth, which allows the song’s concept and melody to take centre stage.

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