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The Harmalators I Love That You Love, I Don’t Want Our Forever To End


The unmistakable sound and visuals of The Harmalators takes a briefly alternative turn this time around. Their latest in a string of singles, I Love That You Love, I Don’t Want Our Forever To End is a huge song, with a big-band feel and that classic hook repetition the band have been known for.

Starting with an unexpectedly gentle introduction, guitar finger-picking and nothing else at all, the song soon explodes into life with a horn-led set-up and brightness that accompanies the progression towards the chorus with vibrancy and intention.

As with much of their writing, this one again celebrates intimacy and love, the long title laying bare the aim of the writing, and the song going on to fulfill precisely that sentiment.

The big sound, and the passionate vocal performances during the latter half of the title line, all helps elevate this song a little higher than its predecessors. A well-crafted original, designed to remind us of the power of love.

Also released in just the last couple of months is a mellow and reflective Hummingbird Fly Into The Rainbow Eye. Once again, the band take on an unexpected venture, this time lyrically so. The poetic references and images help highlight a totally different side to their style.

Musically the song progresses in the same way, a few details via short lines for the verses, then the simple repeat of the title for the chorus. It’s how they do their thing, and it’s recognizable for being so.

As with every release, The Harmalators have put together some simple, fun visuals to accompany the singles. Their performances back up their writing style consistently, and in this particular clip we get some interesting shots of a variety of locations and dazzling images to tune into as the song plays.

Seeing the band briefly toy with the realms of electronic sound design and hip hop, Mindless Noise is the third single of recent months, and offers a red herring of an intro before finding its feet as a bright yet questioning pop rock song.

The lyrics ponder what has happened to love, noting that contemporary art and music has perhaps evolved to become Mindless Noise. The soundscape and the visuals reinforce these ideas, moving along in a somewhat chaotic, multi-layered and unpredictable fashion. There’s a strong use of contrast between the verse and the hook, and once again, you know the hook before it hits – take that title line and repeat.

The Harmalators lead with a sound made big during a simpler time, and this song, perhaps more than any other, offers a little insight and understanding as to where they’re coming from with this approach. A touch of piano and string solo towards the end makes for a welcomed and again chaotic yet intentional finish.

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