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The Guv December in Istanbul


Introducing a boldly unique folk songwriter of passionate and creatively free design, London’s The Guv leads with fast-paced acoustic rhythms and long-form melodic story-telling for a decidedly recognisable sense of identity.

As a mighty starting point, December In Istanbul captivates – the single and video united showcase a fearlessly open degree of vulnerability and poetic integrity.

The music veers back and forth between optimism and uncertainty, often leaning away towards disjointed shifts in key, from major to minor, for a truly juxtaposed sense of searching that aptly reflects the underlying ideas of the song.

Driving with a clearly distinctive leading voice, The Guv’s music holds closely to the essential building blocks of folk rock and organic songwriting, but also cleverly weaves in a defiant edge of uninhibited expression, which shows itself in everything from vocal tone to lyrics to the raw emotion of the delivery.

Also recently released from The Guv’s growing catalogue is the beautifully delicate, finger-picked and softly cinematic If I Kill My Darlings. The mood set from the title and introduction alone is enough to lure you in, and the subsequently breathy truth of the vocal keeps you interested throughout.

This one promises a little more of a classic rock performance style, almost Led Zeppelin-esque in delivery, only amidst a more stripped-back, acoustic setting.

As thing progress, the song feels more like a theatrical scene – a powerful evolution takes place, from simple picking to layers of strings, rhythm, and passionate vocal shifts.

Once again, The Guv is the story teller, capturing a moment with true originality, and surrounding his audience with intrigue, intention, and deeply human sentiments.

An artist with a clear level of personality, detectable across multiple releases thanks to fearless honesty and faultless musicianship combined.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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