The Goodbad - Tower - Stereo Stickman

The Goodbad Tower


The pristine and crisp finish on this track lets those electronic synths and delicacies pulsate throughout the room in a brilliantly satisfying way. There’s very little anyone can do to re-animate this kind of experience before you, to listen at volume is the only real way to embrace the energy and skill of the composition – and to lose yourself entirely in the vibrancy and colour of the whole journey.

The Goodbad evidently has a way with creative production that brings a supremely high quality alongside of a knowing, experienced approach to EDM. There’s a classic aura to all of this, a dash of nostalgia – just when you thought these days were all but done with. More than this though, it isn’t particularly reminiscent of anything – it feels fresh, the layers and the details are phenomenal, and always that finish lets each element glisten as it should.

Production aside for a second, although it’s a huge part of what makes this so impressive, the creative building blocks are incredibly immersive and blissful to escape among. So much so that when the piece is just a second away from its fifth minute ticking by, the silence hits like a towering wall of unwelcomed reality. This feeling, among other high rising moments within the track, quite cleverly reminds you of the title and the underlying potential concept.

As far as modern production goes, there’s something incredibly impressive and enjoyable about this piece of music. The Goodbad has crafted an audio journey that reaches out and around you, filling the room with the perfectly full and complex power of an ocean of united ideas and sounds. The piercing hit of each synth and riff works incredibly well in sending those uplifting shivers that energize and inspire. The whole thing rains down around you in the way that authentic, effective dance music should. Absolutely worth a download.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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