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The Good Morning Nags No Damn Good EP


The Good Morning Nags strike high again with this two-track EP release No Damn Good. Their sound is one you know to look forward to since the self titled EP, and this short collection feeds further into that belief and makes for a totally enjoyable, musically impressive listening experience.

Birmingham is a brilliant song, addictive in its energy levels and the sheer organic quickness and unity between everything within. The band have that unquestionable connection that lets the songs shine as brightly as possible. This particular song is superb from the offset, yet somehow it grows more and more effective as it moves along. The way the band have structured this – the details, the changing sections – it showcases a thoughtful writing process in line with a shared ability to perform with passion and precision combined.

The second time you listen, these multiple layers and the building blocks that appear one by one grab your attention even more so. And meanwhile, you keenly anticipate the drop of the drums – the melody and the instrumentation that precede this offer the perfect sense of something uplifting and energizing on the horizon. The band’s leading vocalist captures the essence of the song and meets the needs of the music perfectly. An excellent song, passionate and colourful, inspiring or even motivational in the vibe it puts forth and a definite personal favourite from the band thus far. Easy to have play on repeat.

No Damn Good the single itself is a song with more of a distinctly country-like aura. The sound of the instrumentation and the vocal inflections all have a classic Western feel, the strings further this and help build a similarly upbeat song but one that’s perhaps less built upon a sense of rising intensity. It’s a smooth piece that feels hopeful and impressive in itself, and in fact, these two songs together underline a surprising level of eclecticism, and without veering off too absurdly into unknown waters.

The Good Morning Nags are an incredible band and a live show is something you don’t want to miss out on should you be lucky enough to catch one. Find & follow The Good Morning Nags on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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