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The Godfada Goals (Feat. Noah Jones)


Goals is a fairly mellow yet striking piece of music and writing that comes with a hearty and necessary dose of inspiration and motivational energy. The vibe of the musical backdrop is easy going and really well produced, so you find yourself effortlessly involved throughout, and in fact, the track gets better and better as it moves along.

The leading synth riff playing out alongside of the beat has the simple yet haunting ambiance of any stand-out and slightly dark hip-hop release. It’s a strong choice to represent the musicality of the track, something about it is familiar, in keeping with much of modern hip-hop though not veering off in some production direction that tries to appear as overly creative or unique. It just is what it is, and that’s a big part of hip-hop – the truth, the realness. The beat itself keeps things moving in a similar manner, and then on top of everything comes the song’s concept, its sentiment, and the undeniable sense of character embedded within the leading vocal performance.

The second you hear the initial voice driving the song forwards you know it’s something pretty fresh, something characterful. There’s a strong sense of identity to it, and once you’re involved, you follow the story-line along and you begin to familiarise yourself with that hook section and the underlying message of the song. The second rap voice that comes into play really smashes things up a few notches. The pace increases, the tone contrasts with what preceded it, the lyricism has a certain energy to its delivery and comes loaded with clever wordplay and an infectious level of confidence. Considering the importance of goals, the ideas offered up by the track, that motivational, uplifting energy that audiences often seek out in music – this explicit increase in confidence, brightness and energy, works wonders for the overall effect of the track.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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