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The Gloomies Cave


Drawing attention with a name that’s both emotively intriguing and mildly reminiscent of an infamous eighties movie, The Gloomies further their appeal with ease, as the intoxicating and ambient surf rock layers and ideas of Cave rain down.

Featuring a kind of slurry guitar line, reverb-soaked and blending subtle grunge and shoegaze, Cave follows this introduction with an equally hazy or playful vocal, and builds upon that energy and these unorthodox images throughout an increasingly hypnotic two minutes fifty.

The melody maintains its looping presence, the style a tad familiar to the latest offerings from UK punk legends Idles, and also intertwines with that the nostalgic trip hop aura that came along at the same time. However, The Gloomies are quick to inject their own sense of identity, and this hits in everything from the bass line to the production details and, in particular, their lyrics. Even the frontman’s tone and nuance in performance helps gift the band a likable and lasting style.

A great introduction The Gloomies, an aptly-named band who connect for their emotional balancing act between melancholy and dreamy escapism.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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