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The Ghost Yard My Daughter is a Swiftie


Ambient and reverb-soaked indie rock presents a conceptual deep-dive into the life of a parent whose daughter is one of the many millions emotionally invested in Taylor Swift.

Arguably music’s biggest living legend, Taylor Swift’s impact as a celebrity is unrivalled, and her army of followers are of course renowned these days as Swifties. In this instance, indie rock outfit The Ghost Yard take a comical but relatable look at what it’s like to live with and support someone who is infatuated with all things Taylor Swift.

Built around short verse lines and a fuzzy, nostalgic rock arrangement, the writing and performance of My Daughter is a Swiftie leads with a clear sense of passion and personality combined. The hook resolves these step-by-step layers and references with a catchy and explosive moment of energy, before we fall back down for a subsequently extensive look at the never-ending stream of songs and merch and required spending involved in parenting a Swiftie.

Lines like “I see Taylor everywhere – Even in my sleep” openly reflect the perspective of those who aren’t fans themselves, but whom can’t escape the wave of radio’s most played artist for perhaps the past decade now.

It’s a gritty but quirky take, and the first line of the chorus repeats to leave enough of a memorable earworm for fellow parents of Swifties to easily relate to.

“My daughter is a Swiftie, Please somebody help me.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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