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The Frestonians Midnight


Freshly released from the EP of the same name, the dreamy rock anthem Midnight introduces the immersive and emotive sound of The Frestonians in a beautiful way.

From the shoegaze introduction there’s a softness-meets-arena-rock vastness and appeal to the song, but as the vocals come in we get a clearly unique sound, a fresh pop-rock or even folk-like melody, and a story that takes us step by step through these scenes and poetic images; which naturally connect with the ethereal mood of the music.

From reverb-drenched creative origins through a more distinct verse presence, Midnight weaves together familiar and fresh elements, for a style that ultimately proves unmistakable as The Frestonians.

There’s nostalgia in the Brit-pop and rock tone, the character, the mild theatrics and accessibility of the delivery, but there’s a bigger, perhaps more contemporary atmospheric vibe to the overall progression, and these traits stand tall throughout the project. Even where the vocal lead varies, or distorted blues rock and roll takes over; contrast still works its magic to keep things anthemic yet loaded with personality.

What’s more, the band consistently balance strength of songwriting with absolute strength of musicianship, continuously prompting interest in a live show – something that hopefully comes to light in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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